maandag 16 april 2012

Botanical Choice

I use masks of this brand, they have all kinds of masks. I normally use "Skin Brightening Natural Pearl mask" with Vitamin C.

  •  brightening and rejuvenating 
  • Pearl extract
  • Vitamin C
I personally love these mask,because it keep my face healthy,they all smell very yummy! But dont eat it! I also use the yogurt mask.

Nose Pore Strips
This one here is Aloe, it is the first time I've tried it and I have to say...the clogged pores were unclogged. You can do this 1-2 per week.
First what you do is:

  • Wash your face with a cleanser
  • Dry you face but leave your nose wet (so you can place the strip,otherwise it won't have any function)
  • Leave it about 15 minutes
After you pulled the strip you can wipe your nose a lil bit with a hand towel  or whatever you prefer.

In my country (Suriname) you can buy these products at DIO (my favorite store)

 [to see more of their products visit ]


One of my Fave

One of my Fave
Lick Sip Bite