vrijdag 10 februari 2012

John Frieda

I have a bit curly hair and I use John Frieda products. I use the Frizz - ease products,the CURL REVIVER STYLING MOUSSE,it smells great. And my curls become really pretty. I also use the shampoo and DREAM CURLS®CURL‑PERFECTING SPRAY and all the other frizz ease products. It keeps my hair healthy and pretty. <3 John Frieda

1 opmerking:

  1. I also love the John Frieda products.
    The 1 product I absolutely love and can't go a day without is the Frizz-ease leave-in conditioning spray. It instantly detangles my hair, considering my hair is very unruly, and it keeps it soft en moisturized.
    To finish it off I use the Frizz-ease secret weapon flawless finishing cream. This keeps my hair neat and tames all the fly-aways


One of my Fave

One of my Fave
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